Dream: Thankless Rescue

So I guess I had a fever last night, which is why I missed a blog post. I passed out at 7PM. On the bright side, you get to look into one of my crazy vivid dreams.

Think what you will of it. Enjoy!


I was chasing after a trio of monsters. Or maybe they were just shadows, since I couldn’t make out any distinguishing feature of them. At any rate, they were black masses. They were kidnapping a group of innocents. And something drove me to save them.

They knew I was catching up. I was faster than them. I had to stay wary. They were going to turn on me at any moment.

One of them stops moving his legs. Their feet began skidding across the dirt. This is what I was waiting for. I tucked my head and lowered my body. The monster turned around abruptly, throwing its fist in my direction. As their fist grazed through my hair, I thrust my blade into their stomach. My momentum carried us a few more steps before I stopped so I could pull my blade out.

I saw a shadow up above. The second monster leaped incredibly high into the air. I dashed forward a few steps, stopped, then slashed my sword behind me. As I turned, the only thing I saw was a blur. I felt the resistance of flesh on my blade. It was a deep, clean cut. It was no longer a threat.

I kept running until I found the last monster. Their sword was in the air. My ex was on the ground. I got between her and the monster, but the monster was mid-swing already. I held my left arm up, and I felt a cold metal dig into my skin. With the monster’s sword stuck in my arm, I stabbed my own blade into its chest, then kicked the squirming body off my blade. The monster’s sword fell out of my arm, and I felt a warm liquid ooze out of my wound.

I turned to my ex. She got up slowly, still shaken by the encounter. She looked into my eyes – her face showed pure gratitude. She ran towards me. I got ready to embrace her.

She ran past me.

I looked behind, and I saw her embracing another man. The man did nothing – he didn’t have a weapon, and somehow I knew that he would rather run to save his own life than fight to protect another. Yet her feelings of gratitude was directed towards him. I looked at the rest of the group. They were all people that have once betrayed me – my mother was embracing another man, my father was embracing a woman and her child, and my sister was embracing her two kids and another man. None of them could fight.

Behind this group of people, I saw some more shadow monsters running towards us. The people saw them too. They glanced at me, expecting me to risk my life once again so that their own happiness remains. As I walked through them, I tore my pant leg off and bandaged my left arm. No one asked if I was okay. They just stared at me, knowing that I would protect them regardless. I kept on walking through the group. I counted five monsters, and I counted one fighter – me.

By now, I was between the group of unarmed people and the monsters. The group of people didn’t show any feelings of gratitude or encouragement. They probably wouldn’t care if I died, but they would be enraged if I failed to protect them. I began to question why I was protecting them, but I put the thought away – the monsters were getting close.

I got my blade ready.


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